Tri-City School of Massage
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Tri-City School of Massage
26 E. Third Avenue
Kennewick, WA 99336
(509) 586-1510

Owned and Operated by
Patty J Kruschke


"A learning experience that will change your life - and the lives of those you touch"

Patty's Hands

After 52 years of operation the school is closing


We have decided to permanently close the school due to Patty's retirement. The last class graduated in April of 2020.

While the school is closing we would consider selling the school to the right party.

Student records will still be available for a short time by calling Patty at
(509) 586-1510. However we will be turning over all student records to the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board in Olympia, WA for safekeeping for the next 50 years. They can be reached at (360) 709-4600 or email:

Thank you to our graduates from the past 52 years for being great ambassadors of the school. We have enjoyed a good reputation and have the respect of our peers and the community of massage.  We will miss running the school and our interaction with future massage therapists..

We have so many fond memories from all of our years of teaching. So many of our graduates have built good practices and have loved the work that they do.  Thanks to all of our graduates for your fine work as massage therapists. We would love to have you stay in touch with us.

Patty, Linda, and Cyndi






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