Tri-City School of Massage
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Tri-City School of Massage
26 E. Third Avenue
Kennewick, WA 99336
(509) 586-6434

Owned and Operated by
Patty J Kruschke


"A learning experience that will change your life - and the lives of those you touch"

Patty's Hands


Our state-of-the-art curriculum allows students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the therapeutic experience as they develop a high degree of technical skill and sensitivity. Our approach honors individual expression in the students' development of treatment style. We encompass both Western and Eastern bodywork traditions in our curriculum.

Some of our positive attributes include:

  • Development of Inner Resources - bringing the qualities of presence, contact, mindfulness and self-awareness to the therapeutic relationship.

  • Excellent Hands-On Skills - working with time-honored therapeutic methods from which the student can choose according to the needs of the client.

  • Appropriate Body Mechanics - teaching students the most efficient and comfortable ways of using their bodies in order to remain relaxed and avoid injury while doing bodywork.

  • Mind-Body Connection - exploring the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and emotions and their potential impact on the physical body.

  • Energetics - recognizing the flow of vital energy (life force) in the body and teachings methods of influencing those energies.

  • Community Service - promoting massage therapy to the general public through individual and group projects.


We offer a highly academic program designed to give the student a solid background in the sciences and in the art of massage. We believe that it is desirable to put the student into the textbooks rather than depending upon pure lecture for the student to glean their information from. We require written homework to be done for each portion of each class and base the grades on that written work, among other things.

The strong points in our academic program include:
  • Anatomy and Physiology - taught with a slant toward what a massage therapist needs to know in terms of influencing the body systems through massage.
    Western Approach - relating to structure and function of the organs and organ systems.
    Eastern Approach - relating to meridian pathways and energy movement patterns of the body.
  • Pathology - being mindful of when it is appropriate to massage, preparing the student to make wise choices in how to treat their clients, and being aware of any precautions that should be taken when various pathologies present themselves.

  • Kinesiology - includes not only the study of muscle attachments and muscle action, but how to palpate them, and how to position them correctly for specific work.

  • Business - our curriculum is designed to cover such issues as client interaction, record keeping, insurance billing, health screening, business practices, client management, marketing strategies, legal requirements, self care, etc. The program prepares students to embrace an insurance based practice, if that is their desire.

  • Ethics and Professionalism - teaching the student how to conduct himself/herself in a professional and ethical manner that will enhance his/her image in the community.

  • Hands-On Therapies - providing a good basis in classic therapeutic massage, a strong hydrotherapy program, and various adjunctive bodywork techniques (many of which are not offered in other massage programs).

  • Client Education -equipping the student to educate their own clients.


Course Calendar


September 3, 2019 Classes Begin
November 28 - December 2, 2019 Thanksgiving break
December 3, 2019 Classes Resume
December 20, 2019 - Jan 6, 2020 Christmas Break
January 7, 2019 Classes Resume
April 16, 2020 Course Completed
April 17, 2020 GRADUATION
The school reserves the right to change the above schedule if certain conditions require a change.


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